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Salemin asukkaat

It would be hypocritical of me to look at you and say, “there is a monster,” when I know that I, in my own life, have hurt people exactly the same way you have.

Ejami’s lunch date (August 28th 2014).

I don’t want to be back in your bed, unless I’m back in your heart.

Ejami (August 26th 2014).

You’re still the same spineless bitch you were a few days ago.

We have had our little differences.

Ejami (August 25th 2014).

Why would I give a damn?

Why would I give a damn?

It’s so very admirable to sleep with someone else’s fiancé. You know, maybe your daughter should get a medal.

That’s a start.

Ejami (August 21st 2014).

She is such a biiitch.